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Fun + Quirky Wedding Photographer Las Vegas. Specializing in Weddings + Elopements

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Fun Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Looking for a Fun Las Vegas Wedding Photographer who is quirky and unique? Add a little artistic, unique, and a little bit crazy, and that describes the wedding photography images that I love to take.
My name is Sky Simone, + I am fun, quirky, artistic, + unique wedding and engagement photographer and videographer.

Here is a short video that explains how I work. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to browse the gallery below.

Fun + Quirky Wedding Photographer San Diego Las Vegas + New York

Sky Simone wedding photographer with bride and groom Tara + Graeme at the end of their 15 hour wedding day.

I am a creator of fun, + quirky wedding + engagement photographs, that are uniquely you. I’m a pop culture focused wedding photographer from Australia, living in the United States, with my cats. Currently living in Las Vegas, after an amazing year living in San Diego California, but more than happy to photograph or video weddings across the country, but especially Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York!

My goal for you, is to create some amazing, funny, unique, and totally crazy wedding photographs, and capturing even the traditional style wedding photographs with a fresh, new, and innovative approach. I want your friends and family to see your wedding and engagement photographs and say ‘Oh my gosh, that is so totally you!’

I would love it if you would take a look at some of the fun photographs from my personal collection below. I feel it’s important for you to see a little bit into my world, so there is a mix of photographs from my personal life, as well as photographs of me with brides and grooms. You can contact me on the page called Contact the Fun Unique Artistic + Quirky Wedding Photographer in San Diego, Las Vegas, + New York. xoxo Sky Simone



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