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My goal as a wedding photographer and videographer, is to produce the most unique and fun images for you. To preserve your precious moments in the most candid and quirky ways possible, to create images like nobody else has, and to give you a fun experience that starts with your engagement shoot. I treat each wedding and each couple as unique, and love to get to know you to be able to figure out how best to create images that really showcase who you are as a couple.

I love my brides to work with me leading up to their wedding, to collaborate the best ideas to capture their wedding the way that they’ll appreciate and treasure for years. I encourage you to collate as many ideas of your own, as well as mine, so that we can work together to reach your dreams, as every wedding is a collaborative effort!


Sky Simone Trash the Dress Photoshoot

Trash The Dress San Diego New York Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Sky Simone Unique Fun Artistic Quirky Trash the Dress Photography Las Vegas

Every single wedding that I photograph is an opportunity for me to photograph the greatest photograph that I’ve ever taken, and I see that as a real privilege. Travel inspires me, and my creativity really flourishes in those times, which recharges me to bring to the drawing board all of my most creative ideas for your big day! I love mind mapping, scribbling, sketching, and I love creating dream boards.. I think a wedding should be the result of a dream board of all of your best ideas and goals.

I specialize in a fun and colorful unique and candid style of wedding photography, while also being careful to aim towards editorial looks as well.

As an international wedding photographer, my wedding photography is very much focused on fun + quirky wedding photography, that is colorful, unique, and interesting. Here I am ready to take some fun + quirky wedding photography in San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York.
I know not only specialize in stop motion animation for weddings, but I’m able to do photography and videography combined for a wedding, to suit a couples needs.

Fun + Quirky Wedding Photographer San Diego Las Vegas New York – Who, What, Where?

I use portable lighting, so whatever your photographic needs, I’m able to come to you, and light the shot accordingly. Weddings are my passion, and engagement shoots are an important part of that, so I am looking forward to having a chat with you about your big day! I first joined the wedding industry in 2007 and began my career as a wedding photographer and videographer in Perth, on the West Coast of Australia, and after Joshua and I got married, am continuing my wedding and engagement photography in America, and am so excited to have you as part of this new and exciting journey. I have photographed weddings and portraits around the world, including Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne Australia, Las Vegas Nevada, New York, Arizona, and San Diego, as well as other photographic assignments in Honduras, Tokyo Japan, and Ghana. I’m excited to start this new chapter in 2016 as a Fun + Quirky Wedding Photographer San Diego Las Vegas New York.
I take my photographic equipment around the world, and I absolutely love what I do.

I would absolutely love for you to check out the videos on the ‘Real Brides’ page, as there are some of me there, giving all sorts of advice, as well as a bunch of my engaged couples, and brides and grooms giving you tips for your wedding day, whether it be in New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, or Australia!

The personal life of Fun + Quirky San Diego, Las Vegas, + New York Wedding Photographer Sky Simone.

I love cats. I sleep with Teddy Cat tucked under my arm, Tashee sleeps on my pillow, and Josh usually wakes up with cat in the face. I also love Kangaroos, but Aussies aren’t allowed to keep them as pets. I love Raccoons, even though most North Americans tell me I’m crazy! I love their little bandit masks, and the way they throw water onto their food. It’s too cute! The next one is going to sound a little weird, but since I was 3 years old, I have collected Barbie Dolls, and never stopped! My oldest is from 1963.

You can also check out my weddingwire listing and read the past bride reviews on their website.

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