"Real Brides" by Sky | Real Brides Discuss Their Weddings

Have you ever wanted to see real brides talk about their wedding plans and discuss their weddings? Are you curious as to how much of the wedding other grooms organize? Ever wondered how much money other people are spending on their weddings? This is the place to be!

Real Brides

So I’m really excited to be putting this page together. Two years ago, I got the idea to create my own online reality show, just like all of the crazy, fun, and very addictive wedding reality tv shows that are all the rage at the moment!
I had a lightbulb moment in my head.. “What if I make my own reality tv style online videos, with real brides, but keep it to two or so minutes long!” and that’s exactly what I did!
On this page you will find my “Real Brides” videos. They consist of engaged couples sharing their budgets, their hiccups along the way, what they’re looking forward to most, and giving you a real glimpse into their lives! You will also find real brides and grooms on their wedding day, sharing their experience and excitement about how the day has gone. To top it off, you will also find videos from amazing wedding suppliers, sharing their advice, their anecdotes and crazy wedding stories, and this page is going to be a great resource of information for you!

But it doesn’t stop there! You will also be able to download the latest issue of my complimentary “Real Brides by Sky Simone” PDF magazine, which is full of advice and tips for engaged couples, and on top of that there will be some planner tools here as well! This page of the website is still in the making, but I look forward to launching it to you before Christmas 2015!

xoxo Sky Simone

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